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About the project

We would like tointroduce you to anew project ofcompanies VERSLAS123 and UAB ĮMONIŲ TURGUS.

This is the firstonline storeof enterprises andbusinesses in Lithuania.The electronicfair will presentmore than100 companies. The largest part will make up closedjoint-stockcompanies (CJSC), but also other products will be offered,new and existing, with a variety ofauthorizedcapital anddifferent typesof industries, businesses.

Our clients areboth individualsand legal entities. In addition,we offerbusinesses toLithuanian citizensas well as tonon-residents. To buya company inLithuaniaandregister itin his namefora fewminutes, can a personfrom any countryin the world.Wecan also offer youforeign companies, enterprises, prepared in Lithuaniaand abroad, legal address, residence permits andso on.

The Project IMONIUTURGUS.LT also provides cooperationwith many foreignnationals. Itgives people,whoare not residentsof Lithuania,an excellent opportunityto acquire the companyfor 2-3dayswithout comingto Lithuania, and the package "Eurosupportfor you"contains everythingthat you may needbeing a foreigner.


By purchasinga company, each of our customers as wellgetsa free packageof services"Eurosupportfor you,"with the help of whicheven a studentcaneasilystart his own business.


A free packageof services"Eurosupportfor you", which is available to everyone,who have acquireda standardenterprise, includes:


  • one month of free initial accounting services (Sodra, edicts, regulations)
  • free Legal Advice consultation
  • the second free Legal Advice consultation
  • discount of 60 Euro for the creation of a website
  • discount of 50 Euro for the creation of a logotype
  • discount of 15 Euro for an annualrentof a virtual server
  • free consultationon advertising and marketing
  • the secondfree consultationon advertising and marketing
  • 30% discount onprinting services(for oneorder)
  • the second30% discount onprinting services(for oneorder)
  • free advice onthe acquisition ofthe loan


Many peopleare afraidto start theirown business,because inthe very beginning theyfeel lonely.

We hope thatour services will bethe perfect startfor a man,who wants tochange his life and tobecome an entrepreneur.Andwe will always bethere.




Wehave just startedthe first and largestonline storein Lithuaniaof Enterprise and Business"IMONIUTURGUS.LT",which offersabout 100companies, such asthe recently establishedandalready working, but without the owner. The authorof the project –Company Verslas123, which owns oneof the largest websitesonthe establishment of the enterprises"WWW.IMONIUSTEIGIMAS.LT.


The purposeof the online store"IMONIUTURGUS.LT" -to ensure that you have allavailablefacilities tocreate your own business.


Some people believe thattheir own business is too much of responsibility, a lot of problems, an infinite number of check institutions. Others are afraid of complex accounting or tax deduction from the income of which after nothing remains. Others talk about imaginary debt, where you can get caught up by creating your own business.


Many say:no, business - it's not for me. I would rather work for an employer for a minimal salary, but I will be quiet, or I'll go abroad. But my life would be stable, without any risk.


In the developmentof our project, we wanted to help those, who still do not dare to take the first step to financial independence and to become the master of his own ideas, time, and money.


Of course, your own business - it is a responsibility, nervous tension and time consuming activity, but it's also a way to invest in yourself and in your well-being.

Own businessdevelops a personality, gives a person confidence in himself and in the future.


Our projectIMONIUTURGUS.LT is not just an electronic store of enterprises and businesses. This project is designed to support all those who would like to work for themselves.

We offeryou a free package of "Enterprise" + "Euro support for you." This is a great opportunity to begin to act just after purchasing a company and without any extra cost.


Having bought thecompany in our online store, you will get not only the company, but also free consultants, partners, and communication in the business world as well as a friend, who can be contacted for advice at any time.

We would also like to remind you that all services of the package "Euro support for you" are free.


Communicating with us, you will never get stuck in the sophistication of your own business, and you will not be left alone in the struggle against your competitors.