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Attention! Discounts from 50 to 200 Eur Buying a company for a foreigner is now more simple! Active until 2018-08-31.
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Frequently asked questions

How to get an offer IMONIUTURGUS.LT?

-          Select the desired product
Click on the "BUY "
Choose a reservation if you want to temporarily save this product for yourself Enter your details and e-mail. Repeat this action a second time.

-          Check the box that you agree with the rules of IMONIUTURGUS.LT.
Select a payment method.

-          If thepayment is madethrough the portalof paymentsmokejimai.lt,IMONIUTURGUS.LTwebsitewill direct youto another websitewhere youwill finda couponforthe amountof payment.Confirm the payment.

-          Within 10-15minutesafter the paymentyoure-mail address will receive an email withthe proof of purchase.

-          Documentscan be picked upat our office inVilniusatLaisvėsAvenue60-1203, or can be received by the registered mailto the specified address (within 2-3days).

Can a foreigner use your services?

-Yes,of course, wewill send the goodsto any country inthe world,andwill provideall the necessary documentsto the Centerof Registers.

Is the price of the product different for a foreigner?

Typically, ratesconverge, but thedifferenceof 200Lt may occur,depending on additionaldetails,resulting fromproductbeing sold for a foreigner(transfer, additionalstatements, and so on).

How much time should pass after the purchase of the businesses that you could start to work?

Immediately after thesigning andsubmitting documentsto the Center ofRegisters, as well as after gettinga new statementof successful data change.

What is a reservation of the product?

Sometimeson our website youcan findexclusive offers, as well as the companywith the requirednameoraddress ofthe relevantregistration. If at that timeyou do not havethe required amountof money, butyou want to temporarilysave theproduct for yourself, you just need toreserve thisproductfor a periodof 1 to 3weeks. In this case, all youhave to dowithin this period, it is to pay the balanceamount and topick up the purchaseditem.

Can you guarantee that, after payment, you will provide a receipt of the enterprise and its lack of debt?

Yes,we offera 100% guaranteeand we properlyexecute the documentsof purchase-sale.

What to do if you do not get the confirmation of the purchase of the product?

  • Make sure that the moneywasreallywithdrawn from yourbank account.
  • You should get a confirmationto thee-mailaddressyou providedwhen you were purchasingthe product. Ifyou can not findconfirmationin the inbox, check your spammailbox.
  • If you still can notfind a coupon, please contact usby e-mail(info@imoniusteigimas.lt)or by phone370 68618228(weekdays8:30- 20:30), and please specify the name of theitem purchased. We respondto the emailswithin 12hours of receipt.

Do I need to print out the confirmation IMONIUTURGUS.LT about the purchase of the product?

Confirmation of thepurchase ofthe goods isnot necessaryto print, as in 2-3 days youwill receive the productwith all necessary documents. In order topick up theitem, you must provide the document, proofing your identity.

In what period, after the payment for the product, you can expect a delivery of the goods purchased, together with all necessary documents?

Purchased goodswill be sent tothe address providedby youwithin 2-3days.

In what period, after the payment for the product you can pickup a purchase at your office?

Purchased goods can be picked upimmediately afterreceiving the paymentfor the product.

I do not have a possibility to apply to the Center of Registers about the changes of shareholders and managers – will you provide this service?

Yes, pleaseselectthis paidservice during thepurchase of the product.

I do not find on the website previously offered special discounts. What to do?

Keep track ofthe termof the promotional period of the product, whichis presented in everyoffer, andwhich indicateshow muchtime is leftuntil you canbuya promotionalcoupon. Whenthe promotional campaignends, the proposals are not shownon the website, so this type ofproductcan not bepurchased.

Is it possible to return the money after the successful purchase of the goods?

In this case, please contact the teamof IMONIUTURGUS.LT –we will try to findthe right solution. About the return, please readthe Rules section.

In the application to the purchase of the enterprise/business, do you provide accounting services?

In this case, please contact the team of IMONIUTURGUS.LT – we will try to find the right solution. About the return, please read the Rules section.

What is the validity of the certificates of free services?

Certificatesof free services are valid for oneyear from thedate of purchase.

After purchase of the company, do you provide its stamp and a bank account?

Yes, of course.

For any further information, please contact us by phone+37068618228.