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If you have questionsor want tocooperate, please contact:

Working hours (I - V 8:30 - 20:30pm): (VI - VII 9:30 - 20:30 h.)

Mobile Phone +(370) 686 18228(370) 686 18228 or officephone + (3705) 219 71 69

Fax: +(370 5) 246 05 81

Contactusby email:

Skype:  jobcenter.lt


Company’s details:

  • JSC „Įmonių turgus“
  • The code of Physical entity: 303064502
  • Address: Laisvės Avenue 60-1203, Print Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania LT-05120
  • A.S. / IBAN: LT447044060008009081
  • AB DNB bank. Bank Code: 70440




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IMONIUTURGUS.LT together withVerslas123 - Purchase an operatingbusiness in a singleclick on amouse! To acquire the companythrough our onlinestore isvery easy.You have totake three steps! 1...2...3...!

  1. Choosethe right company
  2. Clickto RESERVE the enterpriseif you wanttoreserve it for some time for yourself, or click to BUY if you want to buy a company immediately
  3. After receivinga payment, the documents for the transfer of shares, along with other documents, stamp and certificates, will be immediately prepared, and sent to you on your provided address or will be handed to you in our office at Laisvės Avenue 60-1203, Vilnius.


  1. the contract of buying-selling the shares
  2. the act of transmitting-receiving a business
  3. constituent act
  4. statute with documented authorized capital
  5. consent to use the registration address (fixed or indefinite)
  6. bank agreement to open a bank account
  7. stamp of the company
  8. SIM cardwith a mobilenumber (withoutcontract)
  9. registered e-mail for the enterprise
  10. certificates for getting free services “Euro Support for You”
  11. all required documents

We will also addall the necessary paper forms for a new director and shareholder of the enterprise to the total package of documents, so you could submit everything at once in the Centre of Registers.

After receivingthe documents, you will need to carry separately folded forms in the Centerof Registersin your city. All the details about the new director and shareholder in the Centerof Registers will be changed during 3 days. We also recommend you to book immediately a statement about all the changes made. You will need to provide it to the bank and other institutions.

Ifyou are not in Lithuania, and if you want all the documents to be submitted by us in the Center of Registers, you can just sign all the forms and return them to us, and in this case, we will provide all the documents to the Center of Registers. We will also take the statement from the Center of Registers and will send it to you.

If, at the timeof purchase, you will have any questions, please call us on 868 618 228.

Youcan always ask us questions by phone, regarding accounting, tax, registration address, place of residence and other spheres you are interested in

Payment for goods by cash. Ifyou are unable tomake the onlinepayment through a bank, you can payfor goodsby cash. In this case,you still have tofill inall theformsfor purchase, indicating that you willpay in our office.The product will bereserved for youfor one day.During this time,you will need topick upyour itemfrom our office.

Reservation-is the ability toreservethe enterprisefor yourselffor a periodof 1 to 3weeks,by paying in advance only100 to300 lt. Duringthe time of bookingyouwill be able topay theremaining sumand pick upgoods.

Promotion - ProjectIMONIUTURGUS isconstantly offeringdiscountsand promotions.It is alsodetermined by theirduration,during which you canreserveor buygoods.After the promotion, the company can be boughtat the regular price.

Registration address -after payment,the right touse the addresswill be sentto youat your discretion, or by e-mail or, if necessary, by signing theagreementon paper.

Residence permit - afteradvance payment, our staffwill call youandwillstartthe process tohelp youto obtain a residence permitin Lithuania. We offer a guarantee; the remaining amount is paidonly after theregistration of documents.

Euro support for you-a free packageof servicesprovided to eachpurchaser of the product, whopurchasesthe producton our website, does not matter what you buy -a businessventure orother service. Allservices are freeorare offered at the discount.