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TERMS of Imoniuturgus.lt

1. General instructions


1.1  These rules of purchase and sale (hereinafter - the Rules) are legally binding document on the Buyer and the Seller (hereinafter - the Party), which defines the rights and obligations of the parties, purchase of goods / services, payment, delivery terms (presentations), as well as other instructions related to the sale of goods / servicesfrom the online store Imoniuturgus.lt.

1.2  Seller has a right at any time to modify, add, maintain these Terms.

1.3  To registerandpurchase products/servicesfrom the online storeImoniuturgus.ltare ableexclusively:

1.3.1. Physical persons with legal capacity, meaning persons who have reachedthe age of majorityand whose performanceis not limited tojudicial decisions;

1.3.3. Legal entities

1.3.4. Allauthorized representativesof people described above.

1.4. Buyer, agreeing to the Terms, confirms that, in accordance with the
  paragraph 1.3 oftheseinstructions, he has a right to register and to purchasegoods / servicesfrom the online storeImoniuturgus.lt.


2. Protection of personal data


2.1. Making the order, the Buyer should provide the first name, last name, address, hone number, e- mail address.

2.2. Buyer, agreeingto these Terms, agrees that to his specified e-mail, informative reports will be sent necessary to comply withthe order of goods/services, payment and delivery (the presentation).

2.3. Personal Data Manageris companyĮmonių turgus, legal entitycode303064502, office LaisvėsAve60-1203, Vilnius, Republicof Lithuania, company datastored in acentralregister oflegal entitiesof the Republicof Lithuania, the register of the Center of Register is a state enterprise – the Center of Registers of Vilnius Branch.

2.4The seller guarantees that the data will only be used for the purchase of goods / services, and direct marketing.

2.5. Seller agrees not to disclose personal information of the Buyer to the third parties, except Vendor partners who provide delivery services (presentation) of the goods / services, or other services, related to the suitable implementation of the order of the Buyer. In all othercases, personal data of the Buyer may be disclosed to the third parties only with the prescribed procedure of the Lithuanian legislation.

2.6. In accordancewithparagraph10.3of these Terms, the Buyer’s provideddocument certifying theidentity to the Seller, as wellcontaining thepersonal data ofthe buyer, can be used
exclusively for theproper identification of theperson's identity.


3. Signing of the purchase-sale agreement


3.1. The agreementbetween the Purchaserand the Sellershall be validfrom the period when thebuyer, after selecting the desired product or service, forming a shopping basket, clicks on the link.

3.2. Purchase and sale contractsare recorded and storedin a database of Imoniuturgus.lt.


1.                                     Buyer’s Rights


1.1              The buyer hasthe right to purchaseproducts /servicesfrom online store Imoniuturgus.lt, in accordancewith these Rules.

1.2              The buyer hasthe right to receive, access, or to use any other method of evaluation of the whole material associated with the enterprise he is going to buy.


2.                  Seller’s Rights


5.1. If Buyer, in any possible way, is trying to undermine the operations of the online store, to affect the security of the database, or violates other, in 6th point mentioned, obligations, then Seller has theright to cancel the registration of Buyer, or otherwise limit the access to the online store Imoniuturgus.lt.


3.                  Obligations of the Buyer


6.1. Buyeragrees to pay for the purchased goods / services on time and to take them in accordance with these Rules.

6.2. Buyersof the online store Imoniuturgus.lt must comply with these
Rules and other conditions, which are clearly indicated in the online store, and do not violate the Lithuanian legislation.


4.                  Obligations of the Seller 


7.1. Seller agrees toprovide access to the services of an online store, whose operating conditions are defined in these Rules, as well as other conditions determined by the online store Imoniuturgus.lt.

7.2. Seller agrees to deliverthe goods which were purchased by the buyer, at the specified address, on the basis of the conditions described in these Rules.

7.3. The Seller undertakes to respect the right of the Buyer to privacy, as well as his personal information.

7.4. In an emergency,when, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Seller can not provide the Buyer with the purchased product / service in the online store Imoniuturgus.lt, Seller agrees to offer a similar product / service.

7.5. IMONIUTURGUSensures that all listed in the list and being sold businesses are transferred to the Purchaser without claims by third parties about the debt / s, illegal financial and / or accounting transactions (leasing, credit, bills of exchange, and other internal and / or external contracts etc.).

7.6. IMONIUTURGUSensures that all listed businesses are new, which did not have or do not have at the moment debts, financial or any other obligations, and accounting operations.

7.7. Transfer of the companyto the Buyer coincides with the moment of full payment for the purchase.

7.8. The termof sending / forwarding company’s documents: 1-5 working days (on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania).


5.                  Booking procedure of the enterprise


8.1. Selectinga service of reservation, you will have an opportunity for one or two weeks to reserve and secure the purchase of the desired product. After your payment, the company will be removed from the general list of sold businesses.

8.2. If duringthe period of the reservation payment is not made, then your chosen company will again be included in the list of businesses and its further sale will take place in the usual manner.

8.3. Reservation feeis not refundable if the buyer does not comply with terms of the agreement in a timely manner.

8.4.Prices of goods
Prices of goods in online store Imoniuturgus.lt are shown in LTL.


6.                  The order of paymentfor the goods and the terms


9.1. Buyer paysfor the goods in one of the following ways:

9.1.1. Transfer to the bankaccount

9.1.2. In cash, bymaking paymentin the office ofthe Seller

9.2. The Buyer,paying withmethods specifiedin paragraphs9.1.1, 9.1.2, shall immediatelypayfor goods / services. Onlypaid, the goods /serviceswill be formedcompletely.

9.3. In case ofthe right, asprovided under the rules, and a fairdeal,a refundfor goods/services isnot performed.


7.                  Delivery of the goods / services


10.1. The Buyer, who chooses the service delivery of the goods / services, shall provide the exact address (including email address) for the delivery of goods / services.

10.1.1. Buyer agrees toaccept the goods/ servicesin person,or provideother particularperson as therecipient of the goods/services.

10.1.2. The productcan be deliveredby the Selleror by hisauthorized representative.

10.1.3. The Seller agrees tomake every possible effort toensure thatthe purchased itemwas deliveredin the shortestpossible time.

10.1.4. All propertiesof the productarepresent indescription,which is attachedto eachproduct.


8.                  The exchange of information


11.1. The Sellercommunicateswith the Buyer, using e- email address andphone number specifiedby the Buyerin the registration form. The Buyer canuseall of thelinkslistedin the onlinestoreImoniuturgus.ltin thecontact section.


9.                  Responsibility


12.1. The buyeris solely responsiblefor the accuracyof the information specifiedin the registration form. If thecustomer registrationformprovidesinaccurate information, the Seller is not liable formisunderstandings, and acquiresthe right to claimfor damagesfrom the Buyer.

12.2. The Buyeris fully responsiblefor his actions, which were producedby registeringthe online storeImoniuturgus.lt.

12.3. The Buyeris responsiblefor the safetyof his ownregistrationdata.Ifthe registration informationis usedby a third party, it will be treatedas aBuyer.

12.4. Selleris releasedfrom any responsibilityin allcases wherelossesare due to thefact that theBuyer, in spite of therecommendations ofthe Seller,was notfamiliarwith theserules, although such a possibilityhas been provided.

12.5. In case of damage, the guilty party shall reimbursethe other side alldirect losses.


10.              Marketingtools usedby the Seller


13.1. The Seller mayoffer differentkinds of discounts, and at any timehe may change the termsorto stopthem.


11.              The final conclusions


14.1. These Ruleshave been definedin accordancewith the laws ofthe Republic of Lithuania.

14.2. Legal relationsarisingout of theseRulesare solved bythe lawof the Republicof Lithuania.

14.3. All disputes arisinginconnection with the executionof these Rulesshall be solvedin negotiation way.

14.4. In the absence ofagreement, thedisputeshall be solvedin accordancewith the law ofthe Republic of Lithuania.


Administration of the JSC “Įmonių turgus”.